Dear Comrades delegates at the 9th MECYO,

League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia (SKOJ) regrets that due to the technical reasons we are not attending this event of great importance for our movement in Europe and broader. SKOJ is paying great attention to the importance of the international struggle of young communists movement, its organizational and ideological strengthening, and we consider that meetings like this are exactly in favor of these imperatives of our common struggle.

We particularly wish to salute our sister organization KSM of Czech Republic, to thank them in hosting this important meeting, and to express our satisfaction that such an event, 20 years after the victory of counterrevolutions in many socialist countries is organized in one of the former socialist countries.

Dear comrades, the counterrevolutions won 20 years ago in many European countries as well as in the USSR. Counterrevolution which starts in the same time as the revolution is in its essential meaning manifestation of the class struggle, or the struggle of the class enemy of proletariat. It will be lead until communism. In that struggle sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, this struggle can be ideological or it can be violent, it may have a protest or administrative character. One thing is clear, namely that it is inevitable in capitalism and in socialism. It is precisely this fact that many so-called communists from the socialist period forgot or deliberately denied due to the ideological weakening that was one of the main cause of the events of 20 years ago.

Of course that these processes in all socialist countries didn’t developed in the same way. Depending on the different socialist countries and different periods, class struggle took place more or less consistently. After the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia class struggle has continued, although the Bolsheviks took power. At the same time among the ranks of the Bolsheviks it deteriorated more and more, and at the first time it had an ideological character, later and conspiratorial. Various forces within the party and the state had different views on the further development of socialism. Many revisionist, opportunist, anarchist and dogmatic currents were gradually united and started plotting the fight to overthrow the current leadership of the state. Persons like Trotsky, Bukharin, Zinoviev, Radek, and others had most dangerous role as leaders of various conspiratorial groups. Many of these groups were eliminated in different ways until the World War II, but at the end of World War II and the new economic conditions there have been new such groups, and especially after the death of Stalin these forces started to win again until they finally triumphed before 20 years.

In our homeland, Yugoslavia, shortly after the brightest moments of our history, the victory of the revolution and Peoples liberation struggle during the World War II, counterrevolutionary forces began to win. Paradoxically, the central figure undoubtedly most merit for the victory of the revolution, was most merit for the empowerment and victory at the end of the counterrevolution. That person was Josip Broz Tito. Yugoslavia was the first socialist country that split from the block of the socialist countries, and gradually began to undermine the international communist movement. Acting at international level was necessarily transferred and to the domestic levels. Yugoslavia was a socialist country with the largest number of unemployed, so many, hundreds of thousands, of Yugoslav workers emigrated to the west. A growing class antagonisms leadership of the Yugoslav party tried to solve with the alliance of the most reactionary forces that survived the revolutionary changes and re-emerged under the new circumstances. Very same reactionary forces that emerged during revisionist Tito’s regime was the main allies of imperialists during the bloody dismantling of our homeland that started 20 years ago. Hence, the dissolution of the country was followed with the overthrow of all the remaining elements of socialism. It was more brutal than any other example of overthrowing of socialism in the former socialist countries.

The Yugoslav example as well as other examples of the development of socialism in different countries in which it existed or exists as a social system shows that persistent class struggle driven by the authentic basis of Marxism-Leninism is necessary for its victory. Capitalist barbarity is facing the fear of the wrath of the people caused with the most severe crisis of capitalism in the last 100 years. Capitalism can no longer solve a single problem of our civilization. This is even clearer today after 20 years since the victory of counterrevolution in socialist countries than before. Our commitment is important more than ever during the past 20 years for persistent and consistent struggle against capitalism and against reformism, because reformists are usually more important and useful to the bourgeoisie then far right. Besides that, they are trying to dissolve the so called “left” in order to disarm authentic communist parties. It’s time to start to win again comrades, for the future in what we want to live.

Dear comrades, we are sorry that this time we can not contribute more. We are awaiting the results of 9th MECYO in Prague eagerly. We wish you a very successful conference.

With comradely greetings,

Secretariat of SKOJ,

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